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Polygel Extension Gel - 30g

Polygel Extension Gel - 30g

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This 30g Polygel Extension Gel from Ibcccndc is the perfect solution for quick and easy nail extensions. These gels come in pink, white, and crystal clear colors and can be used with slip solution (not included) and a UV LED lamp (not included).

Note: The net weight is 30g but the capacity of the bottle is more than 30g, so the gel will not be fully filled in the bottle. Color difference may be caused by some reasons such as color reflection in the monitor lighting, background, etc.

Usage instructions include polishing nail surface, applying base coat, curing under LED lamp, taking some Polygel, putting on nails, patting product into nail with a brush and slip solution, curing under LED lamp, filing and shaping nails, applying top coat, and curing.

To remove, soak nails in acrylic remover for 5 minutes and then gently tear down the whole piece of nail enamel on each nail. Don't forget to paint the edge of the nail for added durability and to use the base and top coats. Get salon-quality nails in no time with this 30g Polygel Extension Gel from Ibcccndc.

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