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Long Ballet Press On Nails - Dark Butterfly

Long Ballet Press On Nails - Dark Butterfly

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Introducing Dark Butterfly Long Ballet Press On Nails the perfect way to add a touch of elegance to any look. These stunning press on nails feature a chic dark butterfly design and come in a long ballet shape for a subtle yet stylish look. The nails are made from high-quality materials for durability and are simple to apply with just a few minutes of preparation. They'll stay in place for up to 14 days and can be easily removed without damaging your natural nails. Dark Butterfly Long Ballet Press On Nails are the perfect accessory for any special occasion, so pick up yours today! 





1. Take out the nail file and lightly polish the surface of the nail to remove grease

2. Wipe the nail with a cleaning pad until it is clean and then dry

3. Choose the appropriate size of the nail piece and apply the glue to the nail piece or stick it on the back of the nail piece with adhesive tape

4. Press the nail plate from the root of the nail to the front edge of the nail for about 10 seconds until it is firmly adhered

5. After pasting, use a nail file to trim the edges neatly


Removal method:

1. Dip the nail remover with an orange stick

2. Use an orange stick to gently lift the nail plate along the side gap

3. Pry it several times until the nail piece falls off

4. Use nail products to care for nails after removal


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