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Lace Tint Aerosol Spray - Ebin 🏳

Lace Tint Aerosol Spray - Ebin 🏳

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Achieve a natural-looking finish on lace wigs with Tinted Lace Aerosol Spray. This groundbreaking product is beloved by industry influencers for its intense pigmentation and adjustable coverage. Quick-drying, water-resistant, and non-residual, this spray is available in 6 shades and sprays evenly. Maximize your efficiency with this innovative solution.


How to Use:

1. Hold the lace wig upside-down as you will be spraying the back side of your lace.
2. Shake the spray well and hold it 1 - 3 inches away from your lace.
3. Evenly spray the backside of the lace for a toned color.
4. Brush or shake off any excess left on the hair or lace.
5. Enjoy the natural look of your lace.

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