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🎇Summer Clearance: Save during summer's last hurrah - 20% off Summer Collections - Use Code SMMRCLRNC20 at checkout - FREE SHIPPING for orders $50+🎇

Long Ballet Press On Nails - Gold Line Wave Pattern

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by eprolo
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A unique, elegant design, these gold line wave pattern long ballet press on nails come with 24 nails, nail file, and adhesive (your choice of liquid or jelly tab).

How to use and precautions


Step1: Wipe the nail surface with alcohol cotton

Step2: Compare and choose fake nails that suit your nail size

Step3: Apply the glue on the back of the fake nail, and apply it evenly


Step 4: Stick it on your nails and press hard for half a minute. There are numbers on the back of the nails, with one end of the numbers facing out.

Step 5: After sticking, you can trim the fake nails to make it more beautiful and comfortable

Step 6 Finish

Introduction to the use of different styles of nails:

1. Glue: the package contains two 2 grams of glue, which needs a degumming agent to be removed: the degumming agent needs to be purchased separately

2. Adhesive type: The nail piece has been coated with adhesive, which can be directly removed and removed at any time.

Adhesive properties:

1. Stickiness: glue > jelly glue.

2. Convenience: jelly glue > glue.

3. The glue is sticky and hurts the nails, and it is not easy to remove the nails. The nail pieces are only suitable for wearing once.

Jelly glue and wearing nails are slightly less sticky and cannot be soaked in water for a long time.

Change the plastic sheet can be used again.

How to remove the nail plate?

1. The glue model can wait for a long time and it will fall off on its own. Frequent immersion in hot water can also accelerate the falling off.

The quickest method is to remove it with a glue remover or nail remover: apply a few laps around the perimeter of the nail piece, let the liquid penetrate into the nail piece, wait for a while, and then gently peel it off.

2. The jelly glue can be removed after soaking in warm water for a while. You can also use a bakelite stick to insert it into the jelly glue, and then roll it up to remove it. Next time you use the nail piece, you can paste the jelly glue again.

3. It is easy to remove the adhesive back of the armor, just open it directly. The removal method of the adhesive back is completely the same as the jelly glue.

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