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Styling Brush - Hairworthy Hairembrace🏳

Styling Brush - Hairworthy Hairembrace🏳

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Hairembrace for Protection and Styling Your Hair 
Experience salon-quality styling with the Hairworthy Hairembrace Styling Brush. Its 9-row nylon pins are designed to work well with all hair types and lengths, allowing you to easily blow-dry, curl, and straighten your hair. The pins also reduce drying time and provide a smooth, anti-frizz finish, letting you create perfect hairstyles with defined curls.

What it is 
20 x 5 cm, 9 row Styling Brush with TPR ecomaterials cushion, ergonomic handle and nylon pins.


  • Separates and defines natural curls. Evenly distributes leave in conditioner, curling cream and gel from roots to ends. Top Tip: use the Hairembrace Styling Brush with the Hairembrace Microfiber Towel to avoid frizz when scrunching the crunch.
  • Delivers painless detangling on wet and dry hair. Suitable for sculpting and perfect to use with a hairdryer.
  • Promotes bouncy, soft and shiny hair with added volume. Optimum cushion base for extra comfort. The brush is great for all hair lengths and glides through easily.
  • Nine row, anti-static nylon pins to tackle all hair types and textures without hurting hair. Gives straight hair a smooth finish.
  • Lightweight, ergonomic design for comfortable grip and controlled styling.
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