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KEIMEI Rechargeable Hair Cipper

KEIMEI Rechargeable Hair Cipper

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The JKEIMEI Rechargeable Hair Clipper is the perfect tool for your perfect look. This rechargeable hair trimmer is made with high rigidity and excellent shearing force, making it perfect for all types of hair. With three limited combs of varying lengths - 3mm, 6mm, and 9mm - you can get the style you want. The charging base makes this clipper quick and convenient, and with a charging time of 8 hours and an operation time of 45 minutes, you'll be ready to go in no time.

Made of ABS, this clipper comes in either black or white and weighs 238g, with a size of 15.4x3.5x2.2cm for the clipper and 7.7x6.8x2.1cm for the charging base. The package includes the clipper, charging base, adapter, three limit combs, a cleaning brush, and user manual (English). All items will be sent safely in a bubble bag. Get the perfect look you desire with the JKEIMEI Rechargeable Hair Clipper.


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