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Wooden Beard Brush (All Vegan) 🏳

Wooden Beard Brush (All Vegan) 🏳

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Wooden Beard Brush (All Vegan) 🏳

Did you know 90% of all beard brushes in the market are pig-derived? Not anymore with our 100% all-vegan beard brush!

Unique properties of the MANE Man BrushTM :

  • Bristles are made of sisal plant palm fibers, which match the quality of mainstream boar bristles
  • Includes a handle strap
  • Has built-in massager nodes

Our brushes massage your facial hair, stimulate natural oil production, and remove dirt and debris, and thus ensuring your facial hair and skin remain gleaming and healthy.

Use with our all-natural beard oil and balm to turn your dry, frizzy, unruly facial hair into a nourished masterpiece.

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