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Puce Oliver

Medusa Wooden Beard Comb 🏳

Medusa Wooden Beard Comb 🏳

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Our Medusa wooden beard comb 🏳 is the perfect combination of durability and care. Crafted from strong wood, it prevents static build-up and glides through facial hair without damaging skin or hair. Its fine-toothed design is ideal for untangling unkempt beards and creating the perfect grooming look. Upgrade your beard game with this premium beard comb, an essential element to any man's daily routine.

You wouldn't dare look into my beard would you?

►Beard Gains
• Constructed Of Premium Rose Wood
• 3 Stage Hand Sanding For Furniture Grade Smoothness
• Individually Stress Tested To Confirm Structural Integrity
• Extremely Durable, Lightweight & Superior Quality

What makes our combs so special is the process. It takes 5 coats and 18 days on each comb to get the nice gloss protectant coating. This provides an easier stroke through your facial hair so there is less snagging, pulling out of hairs, and split ends. It's no secret wood combs can easily break but with our gloss additive your new comb can withstand more pressure from everyday use. Your beard comb is now less likely for splitting, cracking, warping and snapping in half compared to the conventional wooden combs on the market.

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